Automatic Sticker Labeling Machines
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Automatic Unscrambler
This model widely uses in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.
It provides bottles continuously.
It applies continuous speed adjustment technology, Which is suitable for different production lines.
Automatic bottle turn over structure greatly raises efficiency.
Enclosed stainless steel case satisfies the requirement of cleanness & cGMP.
Bottle range 15-200ml
Weight 180kg
Speed upto 200 bottles/min
Size 750 X 800 X 1200
Air/ Vacuum Cleaning Machine
Suitable to clean inner area of Moulded PET / HDPE / Glass bottles by applying first Pressurized air & then Vacuum to clean thoroughly.
Bottles will be inverted by holding neck, from linear conveyer & again back on conveyer.
Change parts required in case of different neck dia. Of bottle. Speed will be upto 60-80 BPM.
Jet nozzles will be of S.S. 304.
Tablet/Capsule Counting and Filling Machine
This machine is capable for accurate counting and filling of all standard and irregular shapes and all sizes of tablets, capsules, caplets, transparent soft gels, etc.
Multi-tracks digital counting system ( 12/24 tracks)
Count quantity may be set from 1 piece to 9,999 pieces per each bottle.
Counting speed ranges up to 60 bottles per minute.
Widely used in Pharmacetical, Cosmetics, Distillery & Brewery, Lube & Edible Oiland Pesticides industries.
Also available Vaccumatic Linear Fillers in diff. Capacity.
Dessicant Feeder
For Desiccant insertion in bottles, specially designed to meet requirements in pharmaceutical industry.
PLC controlled machine with touch screen HMI.
S.S. 304 and aluminum construction.
Stepper motor and “BANNER” make photo electric sensor for accurate operation.
Height adjustment for nozzles to use different size of bottles.
Speed upto 80 CPM.
Cotton Inserter
This machine converts cotton into preset lengths.
The coil Is pulled apart into desired lengths by feeding through two pairs of pich rollers, each piece Is then folded and inserted up into a tube, forming the “ inverted U” the tube then moves over the bottle and the cotton piece is inserted down into the bottle by means of a air cylinder (SMC).
This system is applicable for most weight and grades of continuous cotton in roll.
Machine Capacity up to 60 cycles per min.
Linear Capping Machine
Applicable for both Round and irregular bottles and containers.
Bottle container range:
Height : 60-200 mm.
Diameter : 25 – 100mm.
Capping speed upto 100cpm.
Noiseless cap elevator to unscramble caps and feed to capping machine.
Large Capacity floor level cap hopper to stock caps for long runs without continual refilling.
  Adjustable cap chute for different sizes of caps.
  Variable speed control.
  PLC control system.
Induction Sealer
This machine I used for sealing induction wad on neck for the ultimate protection of the product inside. Automatic rejection system is provided for bottles without wad for higher safety standards.
Safety / Production Alarms : Built in protection circuitry for Over current. Over voltage / Over Temperature.
Universal Coil : Capable of sealing a wide range of closure diameters.
Save Power : Latest solid state semiconductor technology has more than 90 % Power conversion efficiency; Therefore less power is required.
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