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Automatic Tunnel type Vial Washing Machine.
Model:MTVW-150 is device to ensure simple and modular operation, wher each individual vial is positively washed with maximun nos. of washes.
It is suitable to wash the 25 to40 mm Dia. glass vials internal & external with the help of some suitable change parts at the speed of 150 Vials/Min. depending on vial size & nos. of washes.
The Sterilizing and Depyprogenating Tunnel is used for Sterilizing and Depyrogenating of freestanding vials, ampoules and small bottles having a heightless than 100 mm.
The use of Sterilizing and Depyrogenating Tunnel enables the integration of the process of Sterilization and Depyrogenating ofwashed empty glass vials or parenteral products with aseptic, continuous, automatic filling in which all steps are performed under better than Class 100 conditins.
In this Tunnel, vials and ampoules are transported by a stailess steel wire loop convyor through DRYING, STERILIZING, COOLING AND STABLIZING Zones under non-tubulent Class 100"first" air.
The sterile recetacles are unloaded directly into the sterile area.
Powder Filling &Rubber Stoppring Machine is the machine.
which fill power iv vials from 50mg and above & fits Rubber stopper of 20 mm. Dia. & above with appropriate change parts like Power Filling Wheel, Piston Assembly, Star Wheel, Star Wheel Back Guide set, Vibratory Bowl & Chute.
The machine is compoatible to handle various of vials for the standard Rated Speed up to 100-200 CPM. (Depend upon Size/Type of Vials & Nature of Power)
Automatic 6-HAnd Alu. ap Sealing Machine is Desibned to apply Alu caps to vials, in which standard stoppers have already been inserted.
This Machine can handle Various Type/Size of Vials & Caps with Some Change Parts like Cap Chute & Vibratory Bowl, in feed worm & Product Wheel with Guide as per Vial Shape/Size.
Vibratory cap Feeder is provider depends on type of caps.
Machine is Smoothly Runs on Speed up to 100-200 CMP (Dapends up on Size of the Vials & Caps).
Power Vial Inspection Machine itself indicates the machine identity as to use in pharmaceuticals for inspection of filled &sealed power vials before labelling & final packing.
With the help of this m/c productivity increases along with assured of product.
This m/c body is built from S.S. pipe with 2 Nos. inspction booths 1 on either side & S.S. working plaform.
With Double Track White Nylon Roller Conveyor is used for proper transfer of vials for inspection.
Also, known as Scrambler Unscrambler. Available in diff.Size 3",36",&48"ect.
With variable/Fixed pulley drives suitable to ensure continuous, regulated flow containers.
Can also be provided with VFD (variable frequency drive) for speed variation.
Swind Conveyor is useful for tranferring the product to next equipment in on-line Packing processes from previous equipment to reduce labor &handling.
Swinging of Conveyor is with help of the pivot with Bearing on leg for Smooth Movement.
Swinging is required for the Man Movement from one side of the line to other side for the ease of Operation.
It is widely used in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and food industries.
Length of the conveyor can be decided on the plant layout &Position of the on line connected equipments.
For Different Size of Container, There is Adjustable S.S. Flat Guide Provided.
This model is used for Full/Partial Wrap Around Labelling on different size of round and other shape of containers.
The unique feature of this machine is 'No change part required for different dia. of containers' hence the down time is very less for change over.
The machine operates at teh speed of 100-200-300 container/min. (depending upon the lable length).
Separate drives for conveyor, wrap around and space creator is useful for precise lablling in case of multi-product with different lable size.
For dedicated product line, single POT speed synchronization is also available.
For wrap around labelling on ractangular & other shape of bottles / jars, various type of Rotary Lablers are offered, depending upon output capacity required.
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